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Attention BRIDE WARRIORS don’t go into battle without being fully prepared.  Battle Ready is the resource you need to live “At the Ready” in the service of God’s Army.  Debbie Drouillard provides a simple but detailed process on how we take inventory to ensure we are fit for battle. She further explains both defensive and offensive strategies, so we can hone our skills and have a victorious mindset while operating our weapons of warfare.  We must prepare for WAR now as daylight is growing dim. Jesus tells us in John 11:9 that we can go through a day without fear when we walk in the one who gives light to the world.  Battle Ready eliminates fear and strengthens our resolve to run courageously at the battle for the victory is ours!  Please do go another day unprepared, become Battle Ready and take your position. 

 Sherri Huston, Executive Director, The Bride Warrior

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